The future is Wireless. The Internet of Everything is here and how we can control these wireless devices and benefit from them is the key for a success. GIS can help you transform your Wi-Fi into a smart Wi-Fi Hotspot enabling you to be a part of the of this exciting era.We believe in delivering the best service at a fair price. Our philosophy has always been to create cutting edge Wi-Fi, hotspot and bandwidth management solutions at sustainable values. Give us a try. You will be surprised how much we have to offer without breaking your finances.

Creating mobile apps can be really challenging. But that is how the world goesWe never settle with what we have, being dynamic is part of our DNA. We decided to take our Smart Hotspot and Wi-Fi technology further apply it in a demanding environment that would truly put us to the test, we applied our Smart Hotspot system as the main management and our Wi-Fi as the primary access.